Y7 Visit to Westons!

On Monday 9th March, the two Y7 chill and chat groups went to Weston’s cider farm in Much Marcle. Weston’s is a family business which has been in operation for about 140 years. As well as making nice (and I mean REALLY nice) apple juice and cider, it also is home to lots of livestock, such as sheep, cows and shire horses.
When we arrived at the mill, we took a tractor and trailer ride up to the farm ,where the animals were. We saw the cows first. There were some calves (which hardly ANYONE got to touch as they were all so shy) but we all got to stroke the adult cows. Next, we met Ronaldo the bull. Ronaldo is quite a celebrity, as he once visited Wembley stadium as Herefordshire mascot. In addition to this, the statue of a big bull in Hereford is based on Ronaldo too.
Then, we met the lambs, who were SUPER cute!!! We weren’t allowed into the same shed as them at first, but that was only because some of the ewes had only given birth that morning, and they were very protective of their lambs. As soon as they got used to us, we were allowed into the same pen as them! We were allowed to touch and stroke the lambs, and one of them started sucking on my fingers!!
Following this, we got back on the tractor trailer and went back up to where the cider and apple juice was made. We got a tour of the whole place! We saw hundreds of barrels full of cider, the oak vats (which are hundreds of years old) and even the museum. Then we got to taste and buy some of the apple juice (which was REALLY nice). Finally, we went to wait in the play park for the bus to come.
Thankyou to Mrs Davies and Miss Limbrick for taking us.

By Hannah Lumb B7a


Published on 12th March 2020