Welcome to the 2016 BBC School Report from John Masefield High School.


BBC School Report 2016 – Insight

By Lily Brown-Goode & Lara Gardner

On the 10th March, a team of fourteen students, assisted by two sixth-formers, took part in the ‘BBC School Report 2016’ – a program for Year 7’s to get involved in reporting, photography and editing footage. They covered local stories, both inside school and out. They interviewed Ed Byrne; found out about School Sports; went behind the scenes of Singin’ In The Rain; investigated the potential Aldi plans and went sugar free for a day.

The team was; Lara, Lily, Sophia, Laurel, Izzy, Harry, Lauley, Tom, Rosie, Robyn, Adam, Alex, Sam, Niobi, English teacher Julia Haynes and invaluable parent helper James MacDonald.

Here is their video report, followed by some written articles:


Interviewing Ed Byrne (Article)

Sports Team

Sugar Free Story